Release Date: July 4, 2016
Running Time: 33:29
Genre: Satire / Dark Comedy

Technical Specs

Shooting Format: HD & 4K - Black and White
Camera: Sony A7s, Samsung S7, Various
Lenses: Conon FD Primes, Nikon Primes, Sony Zeiss E-Mount
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

Shooting Locations

Haskell, NJ
Florham Park, NJ


Two corporate employees struggle to complete a project to save their jobs.


Eric Hantson - Erik Ingeborgsen
Jon Pivko - Bill McMahon
Campbell McCubbin -
The Voice of The Shareholders
Rich Maloy - CEO Saul Lesman
Edwin Stabert - Marge Sturdivant
Jennifer Ku - Rachel Li
Odie Pivko - Bill Jr
Tom Bluitt - Tom Perry
Jessica Bluitt - Sexkitten75
Anna Bullard - Susan Wells
Domenica Pivko - Cara Summers
Jodi Maloy - Publicist


Written,& Directed by Jon Pivko
Produced by Eric Hantson & Jon Pivko
Cinematography by Andrew Whittaker & Jon Pivko
Assistant Director Sean Yopchick

Additional Crew

Kyle Dubiel
Domenica Pivko
Walter Pivko
Janel Pivko

Special Thanks

Domenica Pivko
Walter Pivko
The Hantsons
The Darress Theater in Boonton, NJ
Jodi Maloy
Janel Pivko
The Bluitts

Music & Sound

A tremendous amount of media from the public domain was used in the making of this film, and the filmmakers would like to thank the artists, technicians and institutions that share their work with the world. The film used many sounds from the library of For a complete list of sounds and attributions please visit:

All other music and stock footage was licensed legally.